Class 8 corrosives  - White Paper

Learn how to identify and handle Class 8 corrosives 

Class 8 corrosives are substances which, by chemical action, will cause severe damage when in contact with living tissue or, in the case of leakage, will materially damage, or even destroy, other goods or the means of transport. Found in most drain cleaners, as well as many other heavy-duty cleaning solutions, those using Class 8 corrosives should be made aware of their dangers and how to safely use and dispose of them. 

To do our part in preserving safe work environments, we've compiled a short, informative white paper covering the most important safety facts about Class 8 corrosives and how to handle these dangerous substances with care. 

This white paper will provide you with a useful reference to understand:

  • Common Class 8 corrosive substances
  • Safe handling procedures
  • Training requirements
  • Alternatives